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Launched in 2016 Jawwy became the first fully digital mobile service experience in the Middle East, aimed specifically at the digital savvy Saudi youth. We ended up disrupting the telecommunications industry, winning multiple industry innovation awards and spawning multiple imitators.


Tasked with the challenge of creating a modern, fully digital, mobile service experience for a growingly independent and digitally savvy Saudi youth market and tackling 7 key pain points established through extensive ethnographic research.

Broadcast advertising doesn’t work

Digital, social and viral messaging no traditional print or outdoor.

You can’t tell us what is cool

Cool is discovered then spread socially.

Telco plans are so confusing

Simple, clear and flexible approach to pricing.

It’s difficult to know how much data is left until it has ran out

Realtime tracking, upgrade and downgrade at any time.

The bill is a nightmare to understand

Complete transparency on charging and billing.

There is no way to buy or top up

Home delivery, click and collect with online and in app purchasing.

Any servidce interaction takes forever

Online and social care plus peer to peer support.


Reimagining the mobile service experience across the four key user journeys.

Driving the product vision, strategy & metrics. Understanding the market and the competitive landscape…


Launching with a number of unique and disruptive industry firsts to tackle the key pain points across the user journey:

Building the foundations

Establishing the brand purpose & design principles.

Understanding the brand purpose, narrative, and voice, translating this into a set of design principles. Continuously promoting the importance of the design principles and a customer-centric approach to our product development whilst Implementing, facilitating, leading and continuously fostering a user-centric design thinking approach to product development throughout the organisation.


The Jawwy brand mark


Created to be adaptable, allowing for implementation across multiple digital and physical touch-points, allowing it to adapt to the changing nature of the digital medium in which it predominantly resides.

Over 7 years of Brand guardianship and evolution, including the development of a unified Jawwy typeface. Combining Accord and Tanseek to align the best of both Arabic and English typographic characteristics on both digital and print-based implementations.

Implement a standardised company wide set of UXD processes

Established standardised UXD processes, stitching them into the fabric of our organisation and our product development lifecycle.

  • The creation of pre-development qualitative and quantitative research and discovery processes, wireframes, and high-fidelity designs and prototypes based on our well defined atomic design system.
  • Internal and vendor based process for all UXD and product development.
  • Implementation of agile and lean processes across the organisation including the implementation of Slack, teams, Trello, Miro, Figma and Jira to ensure agile product development was implemented company wide, removing silo’s, keeping everyone within the organisation on the same page and has helped us continue to thrive during the pandemic.
The Heart
7 Pillars
How we do it
Good UX = Good Business
Good UX = Good Business
Infinite UX
Abandoned funnel
Page speeds
Page performance
Heat mapping & Sessions
App performance
Sales funnel conversion strategy
Search enhancement
Abandoned cart
A/B testing
Jawwy 5.0
Jawwy 5.0

Creating a culture of innovation and creativity

It was critical for me that the culture and environment of the organization promote innovation, creativity, and the freedom to express ideas and to test, learn, and fail early without fear of negative criticism.

The Jawwy office on the 34th floor overlooking Riyadh was designed to foster creative innovation. I design the office interior to ensure our brand purpose and values were always at the forefront for the whole team, and that we had an inspirational, creative, and innovative working space.

All surfaces were coated with white-boarding so that brainstorming could happen at any moment.

Designed and developed a custom 20-foot Instagram magnetic picture wall, so that our social media team could present user-generated content to the entire office.

Chalkboards in the kitchen area.

A Saudi artist's gallery adorned the rear of the office and the obligatory table football table.

Putting the brand in motion.

Experience design would not be as engaging or intuitive without motion design and micro-interactions, so it was important that at Jawwy I established a motion design and micro interaction style and system.

This simple graphical approach and the motion design system allowed us to clearly differentiate our brand from the competition. This has also allowed Jawwy to move away from video and photography-based content that would otherwise impact page load speeds, performance and thus conversions, whilst enabling us to apply the design system across all digital channels, including digital retail using a single asset library.

Digital retail & SIM packaging

Kiosk Large
Kiosk configuration
SIM Pack internal
SIM Pack external


Our jawwy landing page is continually evolving and being optimised for performance and conversion.


The shop and checkout flow and funnel is continually  being optimised for performance and conversion.

Jawwy 5.0
Reinventing the digital mobile service... again.

Listening to our customers, using 5 years of customer feedback from our UX and Ideas lab to fix pain points, modernise, simplify and completely redesign the buying and service experience from the bottom up.

completely redesigning jawwy from the bottom up.

01  /  Ideas Lab
02  /  Student
03  /  Mother
04  /  Father
05  /  Ideas
06  /  Adventurous
07  /  Carpenter
08  /  Engineer
01  /  Design Thinking
02  /  Design Thinking
03  /  Design Thinking
04  /  Roadmapping
05  /  Service Blueprints, Wireframing, testing & flows
06  /  Final Design

Mobile App

Dark Mode
First SIM
3rd SIM
Native shop experience
My Jawwy

Purchase Journey


Mobile web

Jawwy 5.0
Subscribers in 5 years
NPS (28 IS)
CSAT (80% IS)


  • 2022 - Telecoms World Middle East - Winner Jawwy by STC - Best digital transformation
  • 2019 - CEM in telecoms Awards Jawwy by STC - Best Mobile Experience Jawwy by STC - Best CEM Brand
  • 2016 - Transform Awards MENA Grand Prix - Brand development. Gold - Best strategic & creative development Gold for Best naming strategy. Gold for Best visual identity in the TMT sector. Gold for Best brand experience. Silver for Best verbal identity/tone of voice.
  • 1.2+m subscribers in 5 years with revenue now exceeding 1.2bn SAR
  • 3.5% e-commerce CVR  2% above IS.
  • NPS above 59pt (28pt IS) 
  • CSAT above 85% (80% IS).
  • First telco in MENA to launch WhatsApp support
  • First to have an online community for peer-to-peer support
  • First Idea lab with customer rewards to extend beyond standard VOC practices.
  • #1 telecom company for e-commerce in MENA - as confirmed by Google.
  • Jawwy 5.0 will re-write the digital telco playbook and has already won a digital transformation award prior to the launch


During my six years managing Jawwy brand, there were only a handful of people who amazed me with their skills and professionalism, Paul was one of them.
Bandar Allehyani
Vice President, Mobility Services at stc
Paul has played a huge role in pushing our product forward. Paul's attention to detail and general creativity has made a huge impact on Jawwy as a whole.
Bandar Allehyani
Vice President, Mobility Services at stc
A genuine UX/UI expert’ is the phrase that pops into my mind when I think about Paul. I’ve rarely came across real professional like him during our work together.
Bandar Allehyani
Vice President, Mobility Services at stc
Paul has a natural gift for design and user experience, he's always looking for ways to push the boundaries of how we can make our product better.
Bandar Allehyani
Vice President, Mobility Services at stc
Paul consistently demonstrated an analytical and results-orientated approach to user experience design. Always advocating and driving a creative thinking and agile approach to product development.
Peter P. Mrkic
Chief Commercial & Strategy Officer
Paul is a true leader who always encourages the team to come up with new ideas and think out of the box. Also, he is an excellent source of inspiration not just to the team, but to all of the employees within the organization.
Emad Khawaja, UXMC
Head of Digital Experience